Sector characteristics

The plant maintenance sector, in its diverse fields of application, presents complex characteristics requiring flexibility and prompt intervention.

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For many companies in the sector, in the last few years, Internationalisation has become not an option but a necessity aimed to open new markets’ prospects.

The variety of the international markets, paired with a strong need to monitor the process, compelled the companies to adopt international information systems, flexible and integrated.

The economic crisis characterising the last decade rendered necessary a precise and punctual monitoring of the marginality.

Characterised by the high volume of human resources employed, often with vertical levels of specialisation, in this sector, the marginality are played within the careful use and planning of a mixture between internal and external resources.

Considering the costs’ variability, sometimes unpredictable, policing the marginality becomes therefore one of the main elements for a successful company.

The recourse to external resources, typical of this sector, obligates to use systems that allow business partners to interoperate with the interna information systems, partly to acquire information in self service mode, but particularly to have constant verification of those jobs.

This need requires modern information services capable of interfacing through the Web or Mobile systems to make procedures simple and “usable”.


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