Microsoft Dynamics Technology

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are solutions developed by Microsoft to safeguard all the corporate compartments in all the sectors and branches of the market. The Solutions can be distributed in the Cloud and are clearly integrated with other Microsoft products.


Data’s accessibility through the Web, becomes indispensable as one of the main features of the product for accounting management. NAV provides many functions to allow, accounting and financial management and management control. The adaptation to the operative modes typical of the Italian operators, like management of tools and competencies , is achieved by using the EASYGO 4NAV add-on, expressly developed to manage these dynamics.


Dimension management is an innate function of Dynamics NAV. Every kind of registration can be “labelled” and it is possible to create little Data Aggregations and their visualisation and management with Microsoft Excel. The tools of Business Intelligence become simple and do not require large investments. Power BI Microsoft’s product for BI, is originally integrated and allows a multi-dimensional management.


The main processes within the sphere of operation involve Acquisitions, Production and Logistics sectors and they strongly differ based on the type of industrial branch: Dynamics NAV is a platform well adaptable to many of these environments thanks to multiple add-ons, with which is possible to achieve vertical climbs to enhance the productive efficacy.
In the Products & Industries section our Solutions and Add-ons.



Process Competency requires many years of experience and Design History. Discover our Industries and Customers that made us Leaders on the market.

Social Engagement: Safeguarding the Customer’s information

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our competency, allow You to manage the User’s Experience meaning the perception of Your Company from Your customer’s point of view strengthening continuing business relationships.


E-commerce, Deals, Orders, Appointments, Due dates are only some of the functionalities offered by Dynamics CRM for managing the Sales’ Force. Equipped with a personalised connector, it can exchange Data almost with any instrument allowing the commercial director to verify the efficacy of lead generation and the commercial department performance.


Certainly one of the more interesting functionalities. Beyond managing Campaigns in the usual mode it is capable of safeguarding Social Awareness to understand the “What do they say about US”. Through these two tools it is possible to manage multi-channel campaigns( Email, SMS, Web, Telephone) aimed at specific targets maximising the efficiency of lead generation.


Starting with the assumption that keeping a customer loyal and their satisfaction are influenced by the speed and precision of the After Sale Team, Dynamics CRM allows to verify all the customer’s information (Contracts, Deliveries, Previous calls) to afford an adequate support.


The system is completely integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite and Office 365.
Excel sheets can be used immediately and directly to import and export Data and Word files to create union printouts of marketing files, deals and orders.


Born interconnected with Dynamics NAV, the commercial branch will be able to visualise in real time: Customers, Credits, Defaults and Orders’ and Invoices History. After Sales Operators will be able to verify active contracts with the customer, activate on-site interventions and track the timetables for their execution.


Files managed and created through CRM can be registered and connected, as soon as created, with Microsoft Sharepoint. Their research and opening can be done directly from Sharepoint. Other softwares from Microsoft, like Dynamics NAV, will be able to connect files archived on Sharepoint by CRM.


Integration at the moment of creation with the whole Microsoft Universe: Yammer for Social sharing within the company, Bing maps for geo-reference on the activities, Exchange for Mail and Calendar sharing, Power BI for result analyses fo campaigns and activities.