Sector’s Characteristics

The Logistics and Distribution Compartment measured against an economical crisis which affected the need to enhance performances and the achievement of a continuous reduction of delivery costs.

Netribegroup mercato della distribuzione

Delivery is a key process for this sector. It becomes more complex when the suppliers are international or the company has branches abroad.

A variety of needs together with a strong demand to monitor the productive process  compelled this sector’s companies to start using flexible and integrated information systems.

Often, in this sector, the Marginality, on the same product, can vary significantly in relation to the mode of delivery.

Errors or changes in the costs of transportation, can transform an earning order into a losing one, this paired with the economical crisis of the last decade created a need for a punctual and precise monitoring of the Marginality.

The information system acquires a new dimension that integrates client-goods-delivery and guards the Marginality.


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