Sector’s characteristics

Utilities operating in the sales of Gas and Electricity field, live today in a regime of competition, which causes important transformations both in the strategic approach to the market and the need to use tools to keep the customer loyal.

The strongly competitive environment compels the companies to move quickly on the market floor, offering satellite products to the main core business.
These aspects plus the continuous changes introduced by the Authority compel the companies in our sector to adopt information systems flexible and integrated.

The last few years sported an aggressive and rapid race for the acquisition of market shares.
This brought the sales companies to employ large networks of agents and agencies and to loyalize the clients pool diversifying their products offer with added value within the invoice.
Simply put,listening to the needs of the final user, efficient response and always new deals tailored to their personal needs.

To sell Gas and Electricity, the companies in this sector, need to interact with providers/wholesalers of basic materials, distributors and agencies.
Even though the issue is regulated, not all of its components are and is often necessary to have flexible Data Streams and adequate provisional systems.


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Netribe solution for the sales of Gas and Electricity


The vision upon which we built our solution, is one of a sales solution targeted to the customer within a highly competitive market capable of facing the need to create new customers and keep them loyal.


The need to acquire market shares bring us back to the need to build a report with the customer to keep them loyal. This is the reason why we changed the paradigm typical to this market’s product, by giving its own dignity to the CRM outside the classic concept of Billing. This renders the system efficient in Marketing Management and Social Engagement and in managing the sales process.


Managing Credits and Defaults is certainly one of the main problems in this sector. As opposed to the competitors who see the information system as a department, our solution proposes a vision completely integrated from sales to restocking to finance. A vision mediated by the industrial sector. The result is clear, organised Data unified into a single system which distributes it as information to assist in the decisional process.


The customer is the main asset of the company, this and the quality/speed of service are at the centre of our solution. Incoming and outgoing data on various different channels: SMS, Phone, Email, Portal and Internal etc. are collected and organised within the system. Every corporate department can draw from this Data pool in real time and interact with it, providing the customer with information pertinent to the request. The system is also integrated with AngelHA, our software for building management and energy efficiency.


The Formation program is devised to provide our customers with a constant update on the platform’s newest functionalities and how the new regulations are received. Courses take place at the customer’s our headquarters. Inside the customer’s Private Area there is a separated section dedicated to TUTORIALS.


To support our clients, we offer a service called “Legal Observatory” which contains a synthesis of the files that, while bringing the attention to the new laws, also give an interpretation of those and an Impact Evaluation.


The company’s size or extraordinary events could make You decide to outsource the main Billing activities for a short period of time. Netribe is equipped with a team capable of providing this kind of support.


The organisational evolution of the customers might require specific personalisations. Netribe and our team, once analysed the needs, will support the customer through the analytic process of the new functions which allow to minimise the implementation risks.

The best available solutions for the company’s ERP and CRM. Quick and saving projects thanks to the many add-ons available on the market and to our many years of experience.

Integrated suite of add-ons for Dynamics NAV and CRM for the automation of the typical Integrated Hydric Service process: CRM, Billing, Network and Plant, Teams, Administration, Finance and Management Control.

Digital business is not an option any more. We provide solutions to unify multi-functional competences on diverse technologies – Web Mobile & Social Marketing and process knowledge.