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Every information system must comply effectively with the continuous innovations related to technological evolution and the subject of regulations. Our team has the competency, the proper updates and the certifications to best support our clients realising ad hoc projects. We follow every step of the project’s execution.


From the present situation we will evaluate possible developments preserving pre-existing investments and executing those interventions necessary to achieve the required performance.


Only with the sharing of the implementation scenarios we can proceed to the execution of the project.

Cyber Security

The growth of cyber crime has become a global problem and we must use adequate tools to face it

Informatics Security is not a product but a PROCESS 

– That surfacing problems be resolved quickly
– That any possible threats be shared constantly and the presence of a constant and pro-active prevention procedure
– To achieve that any problems do not become recurring
– To answer to Certainty and Cost Containment criteria
All these are the goals and duties we pose to ourselves every day.


Informatics Security and Data protection are an ever more vital issue. Specific and high profile competencies capable of analysing and evaluating real threats to which we are constantly exposed are necessary.


The relation with our team will be constant and will allow to develop the right protection solutions.


Transferring contents and strengthen a company’s internal competencies will provide better autonomy without debarring a constant support in case of need.

GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation

(European Regulation 2016/679)


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), disciplines every element concurring to the strengthening of the personal data protection and privacy management. The regulation will come into effect on May 25th 2018 in all the member states of the European Union.

The coming into effect of this regulation determines rigid duties for any subject, companies, public administrations that are managing, preserving, transferring or handling personal data.

The GDPR originates from precise needs,as stated by the European Commission itself, like juridic certainty, harmonisation and better simplicity of the rules regarding personal data transfers from the UE to other parts of the world.

It is a necessary and urgent reply to the challenge posed by technological advancements and the new models of economic growth, keeping in mind the need to protect personal data to which the European Community (EU) citizens are every day more sensitive.

Said regulations must be obeyed both by the operating companies within the EU and the ones that, even though are located outside the EU, elaborate data of the citizens of a member state.

Companies and Offices will retain more responsibility and will incur heavy sanctions in case they would not obey the regulations.

In short what the GDPR requires:

Who is responsible of handling the data must use procedures up to the task of ensuring a security level suitable to the threat and must also adopt technical measures to show that the data handling is conformed to the regulations. All of this requires activities going from Starting Situation Analysis to Identifying suitable intervention strategies up to the execution of corrective actions when needed.

who is responsible for the data must activate procedures suitable to guarantee the necessary security measures.


  • Personal data must be limited to the specific goal for which they are handled and only for the period of time needed for the handling itself also defining their relative preservation and accessibility.
  • In case of violation of the data a report must be filed with the competent authority within 72 hours.
  • An investigation must be opened, including the verification where the violation originated, mode of aggression, the type of data violated, subjects involved, the actions that will be taken by the company to avoid this type of attack happening again.

Compulsory only for some types of sector as a control organ for a correct application of the regulation and the company’s self imposed rules.

Solutions and Services We offer to our clients

Netribe Systems Integrations offer their competencies and the tools to guide you in this procedure accompanying You down a path to render your information system compliant to GDPR without worries and assuring a betterment of Your corporate data management.

We lead our customers step by step with an innovative and integrated actions procedure comprehending:

It is the process through which we evaluate the status of the information systems security in use in the company to verify its actual initial positioning in relation to what stated by the regulation. Through a deep technologic analysis., we can calculate the company’s cyber threats in respect to possible attacks and legal duties.

We offer an on-site consultation service suitable to define and elaborate ad hoc solutions according to the single needs of the country where the company resides related to the pertinent regulations. The consultation is done using PrivacyLab GDPR software.

We supply our clients with a service that allows to elaborate tools for controlling, verifying and generating reports.
It is an extremely detailed report highlighting very clearly all the security measures used and to protect the data and handle them according to the Privacy by Default mode.



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