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Who is the Data Controller and how to contact him:

Business name: NETRIBE SRL
Address: Via della Costituzione 27 / 4- 42124 REGGIO EMILIA
VAT number: 01789090352
C.F .: 01789090352
Telephone: 0522232378

Data Protection Officer

Als Project S.r.l.
Telephone: 0522326285

What data do we process and why?

– Those that you send us from our website for commercial requests or simple information, we process these data in order to produce the best answer. This data can be processed by us other than the companies belonging to the group (Netribe Business Solutions srl, Netribe D.M.U., Netribe Systems Integration SRL) and by our external managers for the maintenance of company information systems. The processing of your personal data is legitimate as necessary to provide you with the service you have specifically requested. The refusal to this treatment implies the impossibility on our part to provide you with an answer therefore it is impossible to send the form without your check.

– Personal data and contact details for marketing purposes (commercial and promotional communication) if you have chosen independently, freely and knowingly, to be registered to our newsletter by explicit consent.
These data may be processed by us and by the other companies belonging to the group (Netribe Business Solutions srl, Netribe DMU, and Netribe Systems Integration SRL), by third-party companies specialized in the management of commercial and credit information (such as, for ex. data processing centers, banks, financial and credit intermediaries, etc.), Couriers, Companies and / or collaborators for contract management or management / administrative / accounting services that are used to fulfill their legal or contractual obligations, Other subjects (companies, companies, natural persons) who collaborate in the implementation of contractual services or support services connected to them (eg sector specialists, IT consultants, etc.). All these external subjects listed operate as managers outside the treatment of appropriately appointed data. The processing of your personal data is legitimate as a result of your explicit consent. In case you do not have to authorize this type of treatment there will be no prejudicial some on the other existing or requested relationships.

Tools and logics for processing personal data

In relation to the aforementioned purposes, processing is carried out using manual, computerized and telematic tools with logic strictly related to the aforementioned purposes and, in any case, in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of said data.

How long do we keep your data?

In all the cases listed we keep your personal data until your cancellation request, except for the mandatory registrations for the fulfillment of legal obligations which will in any case be kept until required by the applicable rules. A periodic verification of data obsolescence is performed.

What are your rights?
• You have the right to request the data controller to access your personal data through the contact details of the data controller at the top of the page.
• You have the right to request to the data controller the correction / deletion / limitation regarding your personal data through the contact details of the data controller at the top of the page.
• You have the right to request from the data controller the opposition regarding the processing of your personal data through the contact details of the data controller at the top of the page.
• You have the right to receive a complete list of data processors (internal and external) through the contact details of the data controller at the top of the page.

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority such as the Privacy Guarantor

Transfer of data

The transfer of data abroad takes place on the basis of an adequacy decision (Article 45 of EU Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection), within the Europe-United States agreement called PRIVACY SHIELD which regulates the IT flow of data.

The organizations at which the transfers will take place are:

GOOGLE, membership references Privacy Shield:

DROPBOX, membership references Privacy Shield:

, membership references Privacy Shield:


What are cookies and terminology

Cookies are information entered on your browser when you visit a website or use a social network with your PC, smartphone or tablet.
Each cookie contains different data such as, for example, the name of the server it comes from, a numerical identifier, etc. The cookies can remain in the system for the duration of a session (ie until the browser used for the web browsing) or for long periods and may contain a unique identification code.
Some cookies are used to perform computer authentication, monitoring sessions and storing specific information about users accessing a web page.
These cookies, so-called technical, are often useful, because they can make faster and faster browsing and use of the web, because they intervene to facilitate some procedures when you shop online, when you authenticate to restricted access areas or when a website automatically recognizes the language you usually use.
A particular type of cookie, called analytics, are then used by the managers of the websites to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site, and then draw up general statistics on the service and its use.
Other cookies can be used to monitor and profile users while browsing, to study their movements and habits of web browsing or consumption (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also for the purpose of sending advertising of targeted services and personalized (so-called Behavioral Advertising). In this case we speak about profiling cookies.
It can also happen that a web page contains cookies from other sites and content in various elements hosted on the page itself, such as banner ads, images, videos, etc. We speak, in these cases, so-called third-party cookies. So the cookies you download on your PC, smartphone and tablet can also be read by other subjects, other than those who manage the web pages you visit.
For opt-out we mean literally exit option. In this discussion indicates the mode of deactivation of cookies or certain types of cookies. We inform that by default almost all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies so if you want to disable cookies, this information is important.

Information on the cookies used on this website


– It should be noted that, except for the particular indications given below, there are no transfers of data in countries that do not belong to the EU.

– It should be noted that third parties who own third party cookies, listed below with the related links to privacy policies, are typically independent data controllers collected through the cookies they serve. Therefore, reference should be made to their personal data processing policies and to the respective methods of consent (as specified in the General Measure Determining the simplified procedures for the disclosure and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies – 8 May 2014):

– first-party technical cookies

Type of data processed: IP addresses, the type of browser used and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment. Additional categories of data provided by the visitor through the site, for example, by registering and / or accessing a reserved area and / or a service

Purpose: to correctly view the site on different devices, access the restricted areas of this site, log-in, allow online purchases with the respective shopping carts, etc.

– third-party analytics cookies: google analytics for statistical purposes.

Type of data processed: IP addresses. To maximize the privacy of users / visitors, we use the “masking IP” feature, which imposes on the system the darkening of the last 8 digits of the IP address of the user / visitor before any type of processing is performed, making in fact the analyzed data is anonymous.

Purpose: to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and on how they visit our site, to process statistics.

Foreign Transfer: United States – Privacy Shield subject.

Privacy Policy of the third party:

– First-party profiling cookies:

– Third party profiling cookies:

In particular, Google Adwords by Google Inc. uses browsing data within its online advertising circuit to offer advertisements more relevant to the interests of the user / visitor manifested during the browsing sessions.

Even when you have already given your consent through one of the methods described in the simplified disclosure presented at the time of your first access to this site, you can choose to modify or revoke all or part of the consent given with the methods described below.
As far as Google Analytics cookies are concerned, users / visitors can be inhibited using the deactivation Browser add-on made available by Google at
To activate this component, simply install it and restart the browser. To disable cookies, depending on the browser used, you can use one of these guides:
Click here to see how to disable cookies on the Chrome browser
Click here to see how to disable cookies on the Firefox browser
Click here to see how to disable cookies on the Safari browser
Click here to see how to disable cookies on the Internet Explorer browser
In general, there are various possibilities for managing cookies and, in this regard, the user / visitor can refer to the instruction manual or to the help screen of his browser to find out how to configure or change the settings on cookies. In case of use of different Devices (eg personal computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the user / visitor must make sure that each Browser on each Device used is configured in such a way as to reflect their usage preferences. of Cookies.
This link offers an additional possibility to check the cookies installed on your browser and the relative selective disabling: This information may undergo changes and additions over time, so we suggest you check it periodically.
In particular, in case of lasting relationships we will do everything to promptly inform you about the changes made.