Sector characteristics

The plant maintenance sector, in its diverse fields of application, presents complex characteristics requiring flexibility and prompt intervention.

For many companies in the sector, in the last few years, Internationalisation has become not an option but a necessity aimed to open new markets’ prospects.

The variety of the international markets, paired with a strong need to monitor the process, compelled the companies to adopt international information systems, flexible and integrated.

The economic crisis characterising the last decade rendered necessary a precise and punctual monitoring of the marginality.

Characterised by the high volume of human resources employed, often with vertical levels of specialisation, in this sector, the marginality are played within the careful use and planning of a mixture between internal and external resources.

Considering the costs’ variability, sometimes unpredictable, policing the marginality becomes therefore one of the main elements for a successful company.

The recourse to external resources, typical of this sector, obligates to use systems that allow business partners to interoperate with the interna information systems, partly to acquire information in self service mode, but particularly to have constant verification of those jobs.

This need requires modern information services capable of interfacing through the Web or Mobile systems to make procedures simple and “usable”.


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Netribe solution for plant maintenance


The Vision upon which we built our Solution, is one of a company with integrated and international systems capable of facing the needs for Planning, Flexibility and Control typical for this sector.

It is for this reason that we chose to implement our many years of experience on an ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system standard for the market as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The result is a system integrated with Portal and Mobile Devices complete with all the processes that characterise the sector, totally “different” from what the market is used to seeing.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) does not only mean safeguarding the commercial activities but also planning and control of all the after-sales activities or maintenance related which, when integrated with the ERP, to offer the customer an always surveilled. This is why we changed the paradigm typical of this market’s products giving CRM its own dignity, a cross between information on the customer, the supplier and industrial planning. This made the solution efficient in the Marketing Management and Social Engagement and in the management of the sales process.


Planning management is certainly a main concern in a sector responsible for cash flow and marginality. As opposed to the competitors who see the information system as a department, our solution proposes a vision for processes totally integrated from sale to planning to supplies and finance. The result is clear, organised and aggregated data in a single system capable of distributing them as information useful to the decisional process.


The Formation program is devised to provide our customers with a constant update on the platform’s newest functionalities and how the new regulations are received. Courses take place at the customer’s or in preset classrooms at our headquarters.


The organisational evolution of the customers might require specific personalisations. Netribe and our team, once analysed the needs, will support the customer through the analytic process of the new functions which allow to minimise the implementation risks.

The best available solutions for the company’s ERP and CRM. Quick and saving projects thanks to the many add-ons available on the market and to our many years of experience.

Integrated add-on suite for Dynamics NAV which allows the automation of processes typical of companies working in plants maintenance, building and infrastructure.

Digital business is not an option any more. We provide solutions to unify diverse competences on different technologies – Web Mobile & Social marketing and knowledge of the process.