Sector characteristics

The companies operating within the Integrated Hydric Cycle, particularly in the last few years, are undergoing a deep transformation: on one hand the constant need to uphold the rules imposed by the Authority on the other hand the need to keep under control and justify the necessary investments into their networks.

By publishing the integrated text RQTI the Authority defines the discipline of the integrated Hydric Service Technical Quality.
The devised model of regulation is based on a system of indicators composed of:
prerequisites: they represent the necessary conditions for admission to the incentive associated with the general standards;
– specific Standards: They identify the guaranteed performance parameters within the performance provided to the final user, failing which, an automatic refund will apply;
general standard: Are divided between Macro-indicators and Common Indicators which describe the technical condition of Service provision associated to the incentive device.
The law states that for every Macro-Indicator the EGA should pinpoint the starting class, based on the technical data provided by the administrator, and the target enhancement that the administrator is required to provide (annually) according to the target set in the disciplinary measure.
Attached to the targets is an incentive program to allocate prizes and penalties, starting from the year 2020, to the administrators’ performance for the 2 previous years.
The deliberation states the use of the Indicators system and the beginning of Data Monitoring starting form the 1st of January 2018 and the enforcement of the laws about Registration and Data Archiving duties from the 1st of January 2019.

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The continuous changes introduced by the Authority in the last few years compelled the sector’s Industries to adopt flexible and integrated information systems.

In fact the Authority intervened, with laws targeted to police both the quality of service provided to the customer and the investments made by the companies into corporate assets set to monitor the state of obsolescence of the infrastructures.

With the same target in mind they introduced actions to verify that the sector’s companies must have a better control over all the parts of the process.

The Authority’s actions concentrated on providing a guaranteed Quality to the customer for the service given.

The norms point to paying closer attention to the needs of the customer on various issues such as:Response efficiency, Information and Quality of the Water…

Such Regulation brought on a re-evaluation of the processes and the infrastructures bringing forward more complex and articulated modes of dispensing the service.

The control over the Corporate Assets Investments is considered of such high importance by the Authority, to compel a sort of virtual UNBUNDLING between the services which use them directly (Distribution) and the rest (Sales).

This Control action requires monitoring the Accounting Data and introduced sanctions related to the applied tariffs.

The legal changes introduced by these deliberations allowed a deep revisitation of the concept of service Quality and customer Relationship. Gridway CRM’s success is in line with this vision, very different from the past one, because it understood, many years ago, the fact that customer relationship must take a position untied from what was historically labelled as Billing to become the Utilities reference for understanding the customer’s needs, developing a social conscience of their brand over the territory.


With the Deliberation 917/2017, in effect since the 1st of January 2018, clearly shows ARERA’s will to give a decisive turn to the Hydric Compartment, which, adopting the Prize/Penalty system, in relation to performance and precise parameters specifically defined, connects directly to the applied tariffs regulation creating a clear and defined separation from the logic which until today characterised the Integrated Hydric Cycle Management in our country.
NETRIBE GROUP is ready to offer support and the correct tools. For some time now we have concentrated our development efforts through the GRIDWAY platform to put on the market solutions apt to correlate the new requirements of the RQTI regulations. A strategic Vision which manages to INTEGRATE the different components involved in a VISION we think will be up to this new challenge/opportunity represented by the 917/2017 upon which will play the future itself of Utilities operating in the hydric sector.


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Netribe Suite for the Integrated Hydric Cycle


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Integrated Processes Utility is the Vision upon which we built our Solution, capable of facing the need for flexibility and change brought on by the constant changes in the laws and processes.

This is why we chose to implement our many years experience, on an industrial and market standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM.

The result is a system completely “different” from what the market is used to see, complete with all the characteristic processes of the sector.


The legal changes bring us back to the need to build a new relationship with the customer. For this reason the CRM centres itself even outside the typical concept of BILLING. This made the system receptive both to the 655/15 and to the 218/16 creating openings to concepts new to this sector, like Marketing and Social Engagement.


In a sector characterised by departmental informative systems we propose, instead, to adopt a vision for a process with an informative ERP system. The result is manifest: Organised Data aggregated in a single system capable of distributing them as information useful to the decisional process.


Together with Quality of service, the customer is the centre of our solution. Incoming and Outgoing Data on various channels: SMS, Phone, Email, Portal and Internal communications etc. are collected and organised within the system. Every corporate department can draw from this data pool in real time and interact with the Data, providing the customer with information pertinent to the request. The system is also integrated with AngelHA, our software for management and energy efficiency of the building.


Quality is the connecting thread that inspires the laws, particularly the ones referring to UNBUNDLING because of the need to address the investments and evaluate the return. From analysing the water samples to Plants and Distribution Network Management, the system collects Data and suggests pre-programmed or emergency interventions. The whole world of “operations” can be monitored by a single station.


The Formation program is devised to provide our customers with a constant update on the platform’s newest functionalities and how the new regulations are received. Courses take place at the customer’s or at our headquarters. Inside the customer’s Private Area there is a separated section dedicated to TUTORIALS.


To support our clients, we offer a service called “Legal Observatory” which contains a synthesis of the files that bringing the attention to the new laws also give an interpretation and an Impact Evaluation.


The company’s size or extraordinary events could make You decide to outsource the main Billing activities for a short period of time. Netribe is structured with a team able to provide this type of support.


The organizational evolution of the client can require specific customizations. Netribe and our team, once analysed the needs, will support the customer through the analytic process of the new functions which allow to minimise the implementation risks.

The best available solutions for the company’s ERP and CRM. Quick and saving projects thanks to the many add-ons available on the market and to our many years of experience.

Integrated suite of add-ons for Dynamics NAV and CRM for the automation of typical Integrated Hydric Service process: CRM, Billing, Network and Plant, Teams, Lims, Administration, Finance and Management Control.

Dedicated solutions for the Public Utilities Operators for Mass Billing and Active Cycle Management. The products differ according to the technologies used in their creation. They are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM technologies.

This Solution is capable of managing a single laboratory and the machine interface also allows the collaboration of multiple laboratories specialised by type of analysis. Totally integrated with our NAV and CRM add-ons allows to manage the quality of the whole production itinerary.