Sector’s Characteristics

The Logistics and Distribution Compartment measured against an economical crisis which affected the need to enhance performances and the achievement of a continuous reduction of delivery costs.

Delivery is a key process for this sector. It becomes more complex when the suppliers are international or the company has branches abroad.

A variety of needs together with a strong demand to monitor the productive process  compelled this sector’s companies to start using flexible and integrated information systems.

Often, in this sector, the Marginality, on the same product, can vary significantly in relation to the mode of delivery.

Errors or changes in the costs of transportation, can transform an earning order into a losing one, this paired with the economical crisis of the last decade created a need for a punctual and precise monitoring of the Marginality.

The information system acquires a new dimension that integrates client-goods-delivery and guards the Marginality.


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Netribe’s Solution for the Distribution sector


A company with integrated processes is the Vision upon which we built our Solution, capable of facing the needs for flexibility and change that come with continuous regulation’s and process changes.

This is why we chose to implement our many years of experience on anERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system Industrial and Market Standard as is Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM.

The result is a system complete with all the processes that characterise this sector, totally “different” from what this market is used to seeing.


The presence of Agents and commissions Brought on the need to build a new rapport with the customer, sometimes direct. This is why the system is based on Dynamics CRM which functionalities open the solution, not only to the management of the sales force and commissions, but also to concepts like Digital Marketing and Social Engagement.


In a context of Marginality control, safeguarding the processes has become the key element to verify corporate growth.our solution proposes a Vision for processes totally integrated among Sales, Supplies, Logistics, Deliveries and Finance. The result is evident, organised and aggregated Data within a single system capable of supplying them as needed as information useful to the decisional path.


The Formation program is devised to provide our customers with a constant update on the platform’s newest functionalities and how the new regulations are received. Courses take place at the customer’s or at our headquarters predisposed classrooms.


The organisational evolution of the customers might require specific personalisations. Netribe and our team, once analysed the needs, will support the customer through the analytic process of the new functions which allow to minimise the implementation risks.

The best available solutions for the company’s ERP and CRM. Quick and saving projects thanks to the many add-ons available on the market and to our many years of experience.

Digital business is not an option any more. We provide solutions to unify diverse competences on different technologies – Web Mobile & Social marketing and knowledge of the process.